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Data Driven Decision making for superior CX

24 May 2022
03:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Shangri-La, Bengaluru

Meeting shifting customer expectations and providing exceptional customer experiences are the top priority of every business today. A lot had changed post COVID 19 and the customer has become more flexible and more accepting of change as a whole. Having said that, business now need to learn how to meet heightened expectations and satisfy changing tastes.

In today’s time, data driven decision making is the key to most challenges faced in the customer experience function. Analytical outcomes help businesses meet customer expectation and provide positives experiences that foster loyalty and boost customer retention.

The year 2022 has seen CX being driven by AI & IoT, leveraging technology driven solutions to challenges by building deeper connections with their customers. Immersive & Hybrid experiences with the emergence of Metaverse is said to be the next evolution of social connection which will add a new realm to customer experience by integrating AR & VR.

A holistic strategy not eliminating the human element is a very necessary trait every customer experience should be stamped by. Humanizing technology is what the next big challenge seems to be.

Be part of this Summit to lean from our Speakers experiences and get actionable insights of solutions that helped them overcome challenges on their journey in strategizing to strive for superior experiences for their customers.



The event will be attended by 150+ participants from BFSI – Fintech & Financial Services, NBFC, Aviation, IT & BPM, Telecommunication, E-commerce, Healthcare, Food & Beverages, D2C, Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Tourism & Hospitality so on and so forth.

Chief Marketing Heads
Chief Digital Heads
Customer Experience Heads
Customer Loyalty Heads
Customer Operations Heads
Customer Relations Heads
Chief Executive Officer
Tax Regulators






THOUGHTWORKS - Co-Presenting Partner

Thoughtworks a leading global technology consultancy that enables enterprises and technology disruptors across the globe to thrive as modern digital businesses. We leverage our vast experience to improve our clients’ ability to respond to change; utilize data assets; create adaptable technology platforms; and rapidly design, deliver, and evolve exceptional digital products and experiences at scale.

A new mandate for comprehensive and continuous digital experiences has put a spotlight on designing products that meet customers’ expanding demands and thus enabling organisations to drive brand equity and revenue growth. As published in our joint publication with Harvard Business on Transforming Customer Experiences Inside & Out – report reveals, there’s a belief-behaviour gap between knowing CX improvement is a leading priority—as 73% of respondents tell us—and delivering effective CX.

Contact Thoughtworks to find out how we align product thinking with platform expertise and digital execution to deliver holistic customer experiences that are different by design. We help you embed customer experience into product strategy to drive engagement, preference and purchase via a journey that can be started in simple & measurable ways.

LOCOBUZZ - Strategic CX Partner

About Locobuzz Locobuzz is a global SaaS enterprise that specializes in digital customer experience management. Our unified CX management platform empowers brands to automate their entire customer experience journey, providing delightful experiences across all customer-facing functions. We leverage advanced AI, ML, Big Data, and Analytics to deliver real-time data analytics, automation, consumer insights, and end-to-end social media management, including publishing, listening, analytics, and engagement through a one-view unified platform.

Our AI-powered social listening capabilities unlock millions of conversations across various channels, including social media, messaging, chat, review sites, and more. This provides brands with actionable insights and data, while our powerful analytics capabilities help them understand customer demographics, social media metrics, campaign performance, and competitive market intelligence. By leveraging these insights, brands can make informed decisions about their customer experience and marketing strategies, which results in stronger customer relationships and increased lifetime value.

Our new CX Suite further elevates the platform with GPT-3-powered insights, BI capabilities for limitless analytics, a seamless UI and UX, and wider coverage through the inclusion of channels like Quora and Glassdoor. The platform is highly reliable, scalable, and secure, with a fully functional mobile application for added convenience.  

Founded in 2015, Mumbai-headquartered Locobuzz is trusted by more than 200 Fortune 500 companies and marquee brands across sectors like hospitality, telecom, automotive, BFSI, retail, eCommerce, FMCG, aviation, and more. We help brands with listening and monitoring, presence management and campaign strategy, competitive and market intelligence, digital care, and consumer delight. We operate in seven countries, including India, the USA, the UK, Sri Lanka, and the Middle East and South-East Asia.

TUBELIGHT - Communication Partner

Tubelight Communications Ltd  empowers brands to enrich their customer experience, through its Omni Channel communication platform. The Customer Engagement Platform enables brands to reach-out and engage with their customers and enhance their customer communication experiences by integrating wide range of channels such as A2P SMS Services, both Domestic and International, entire suite of voice services, email and as well as IP messaging services like RCS, WhatsApp, Voice, Viber, SMS and more. Powered by Conversational AI using built in ML/NLP, the platform enables enterprises to optimize omnichannel strategies and automation for better customer engagement and outcomes.
Starting as an A2P SMS service provider, the company has, over the decade, evolved into a full stack cloud communication platform drawing its inspiration, from the extensive experience with enterprise customers across verticals and the ever-changing communication landscape. Our Enterprise grade, Scalable & Secure platform, equips businesses to deliver a rich customer experience, by integrating any or all communication channel into their communication workflows or mobile applications through programmable APIs or through our feature rich, user friendly interface.
Well established in India, Tubelight Communications is steadily expanding its international footprints through its offices in International markets through strategic tie ups with global players for creating robust and future proof communications infrastructure.

HALOOCOM - Exhibit Partner

At Haloocom, we are passionate about delivering innovative and reliable IP PBX , Contact Center Solutions and Unified Communication solutions to transform the way businesses communicate. Our Business Cloud Service (BCS) is designed to provide our customers with a seamless communication experience that is available 24/7, accessible via phone or email or any Non Voice Channels.

We understand that the future of business communication is all about mobility, which is why we have always built our products and applications with this in mind. Our cloud Contact Centre Software, voice calling service, Voice Response (IVR) services, call center solutions, WhatsApp notifications, video calling, call recording, and omni-channel capabilities & Integration with CRM’s are just a few examples of how we stay ahead of the curve in the world of communication technology.

At Haloocom, we work tirelessly to ensure that our customers have access to the latest and greatest communication tools, built on the Cloud Edge Computing platform. Our commitment to innovation and exceptional customer service sets us apart in the industry, and we are proud to provide our customers with cutting-edge communication solutions that help them streamline their operations, improve customer engagement, and drive business growth.

We believe that communication is the cornerstone of any successful business, and we are dedicated to helping our customers succeed by providing them with the tools they need to communicate effectively and efficiently. At Haloocom, we are more than just a technology provider – we are a partner in your business success.

DATASEED - Exhibit Partner

Founded in 2016, DataSeed Tech is a provider of IT solutions and software development services. We believe that a well-made websites & software – the most needed infrastructure in this decade and next could become a magnificent window for transformation of your business into digital world.

We thrive in providing the best custom solution. Be it Enterprise Resource and Process Management, Ecommerce, BI Analytics, DMS, and at our core is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Big Data and new age medium i.e Augmented and Virtual Reality.

We headquarter in India and have representative offices in Australia and Turkey. DataSeed is a true and seamless custom technology partner, with focus on taking your business accelerate and move on to next level.

TECHVED - Exhibit Partner

TECHVED Consulting is a globally recognized Digital Transformation & Design-Led-Engineering with a clientele of Fortune 500+ companies.We specialise in understanding and innovating Business Processes and Customer Experiences to meet changing business and market requirements.Our Consulting Services of End-to-End Development, Customer Experience Strategy, Humanized AI Chatbot, Metaverse Etc have helped our clients achieve their Digital Business Targets.

TECHVED Consulting is a globally recognized Digital Transformation & Design-Led-Engineering with a clientele of Fortune 500+ companies.We specialise in understanding and innovating Business Processes and Customer Experiences to meet changing business and market requirements.Our Consulting Services of End-to-End Development, Customer Experience Strategy, Humanized AI Chatbot, Metaverse Etc have helped our clients achieve their Digital Business Targets.


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