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Achieving success in the Business 4.0 environment differs significantly from past accomplishments. Modern business leaders are acutely aware of the imperative to lead digital transformations within their organizations and seize the opportunities that rapid technological advancements bring. Keeping pace with this breakneck technological evolution is an ongoing challenge. The profound impact of Business 4.0 is reshaping leadership roles across global organizations, compelling companies to reevaluate their traditional C-suite responsibilities.

In today’s landscape, businesses are tasked with responsibilities extending beyond the management of staff, clients, and products. Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) of today must possess the capability to wield substantial influence over organizational culture, effecting transformative changes in deeply ingrained behaviors and methods.

The conference serves as a platform for discussing strategies to navigate the adoption of new technologies, the unexpected emergence of novel opportunities, and the shifting dynamics of customer engagement within markets. A cornerstone for ensuring the success of digital transformation initiatives within a company lies in the commitment to continuous transformation, adapting and evolving in response to the dynamic Business 4.0 environment.

Learning Outcomes

Understand the importance of customer-centric leadership in the Business 4.0 environment.

Gain insights into shaping organizational culture to meet customer expectations.

Explore the role of CPOs, CXOs, and CMOs in Business 4.0 success.

Learn strategies for leveraging data and predictive analytics to enhance CX.

Discover the value of purpose-driven sustainability & ecosystem understanding.

Explore the Experience 4.0 architecture and its potential for growth and innovation.

Who Should Attend

The conference provides an opportunity for attendees to network, learn about the latest industry trends and developments, and gain new skills and knowledge to enhance their careers and improve their organization’s technology infrastructure.

Industry Focus

Solution Providers

Enterprise Digital Transformation, IOT, Automation, Analytics, Big Data, AI, Robotics, Integration Planforms, Digital adoption platforms, Digital workplace suites, Team collaboration & communication tools, Social intranet tools, Cloud CRMs, HCM platforms, Employee self-service platforms, Cloud storage tools etc.

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